How to Edit Your Own Writing


Like most newspaper reporters, I got into the biz because a) I love writing and b) I'm pretty good at it. But it's a sobering profession. You file your masterpiece, only to find your editor thinks it's two dozen "tinks" shy of publishable. Repeat this scenario a couple hundred times, and you'll find you've grown some… » 1/25/14 5:25pm 1/25/14 5:25pm

Why is it so hard to write a decent ending?

Endings define stories. A great ending can make everything that's come before seem retroactively great. A weak ending can ruin everything. But why do they have to be so impossible to write? And is there any trick for crafting a strong ending that doesn't involve endless misery? » 1/23/14 11:18am 1/23/14 11:18am

Here are 2014's books with the baddest villains


Mad scientists, gangsters, con artists, hitmen, vixens, megalomaniacs, and supernaturally evil foes — where would literature be without them? Hundreds of thousands of books will enjoy publication this year, but let's be honest: the most alluring are the ones with awesome bad guys. To save you some clicking around… » 1/23/14 11:17am 1/23/14 11:17am

Hilarious 8-Year-Old Writes an Epic Amazon Review

I'm kind of lukewarm on the "wacky Amazon review" school of comedy at this point—the first umpteen iterations were amusing, but after so much manufactured wackiness you start to crave some genuine wackiness, you know? That's why I can't stop reading this Amazon review of Ramona Quimby, Age 8, which appears to have been… » 1/06/14 5:40pm 1/06/14 5:40pm

Gizmodo's Best Books of 2013

2013 was another good year for books, those dry old lumps of paper and ink, so we've rounded up the year's best in tech, science, design, architecture, urbanism, food, and more. We've also tapped our friends at Paleofuture and Edible Geography for their own lists, which appear below—and we hope to hear from all of you, … » 12/24/13 10:42pm 12/24/13 10:42pm

The Fussy Librarian Recommends Books in Daily Emails

Web: If you want to know which books should be on your reading list, then sign up for The Fussy Librarian. Set up your preferences and you will get daily emails with recommendations for books, along with options to buy the ebooks on different stores. » 12/23/13 11:23am 12/23/13 11:23am

How Librarians Are Helping People Navigate the New Healthcare System

Lupie Leyva has answered questions about immigration issues, taught people how to use email, and once even helped a person make an appointment to see a family member who was incarcerated. "I've worked in public libraries for 10 years," she says. "Nothing surprises me anymore." » 12/20/13 3:13pm 12/20/13 3:13pm

This Holiday Season, Read The Best Book In The Whale Wide World

November 14 was the 162nd anniversary of the publication of Moby-Dick, that book about the white whale with the phallic name. Hipster literati dressed in whaling gear and came together in bookstores across America to share whaling lore. I saw a man walking down Franklin Avenue in Greenpoint carrying a harpoon. And the… » 12/19/13 12:41pm 12/19/13 12:41pm